•   t_zap Wow what a cutie 2y
  •   tr1ppyb3ard Your pretty 2y
  •   becomingtherain You remind me of Liz from My Life As Liz. :) 2y
  •   lawni @becomingtherain I get that a lot >.< 2y
  •   becomingtherain @lawni hey, thats a good thing!! I love Liz. And you're goregous! 2y
  •   lawni @becomingtherain yeah I love her too i didn't know who she was at first because people would always tell me I looked like her but I've seen her & I've watched her show now I can see why people tell me that! Thank you ^_^ 2y
  •   awarner332 like that lip color 2y

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