joelovespizza Thinkin about it 4y
  •   chyuhh Best way to think about it, with that degree would be able to make your money back within two years in gross income, if not, it's not worth it 4y
  •   joelovespizza @chyuhh well not to mention they do financial aide as well regardless it's still a degree in two years no pre recs and a Mac book plus I'll get all kinda of connects and can work at labels or management best of all it's all online so I can still jam and travel and work 4y
  •   chyuhh Oh yeah man, I definitely agree with all the connects I'm just saying think about the money and if you can pay it back on a short time dude then go for it, which I'm sure you would be able to. 4y
  •   lungsandrust @joelovespizza I've been debating this class too. Wanna be online school buddies? 4y
  •   joelovespizza Ha I'm down lol 4y

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