thematn BK in Ljubljana. For how long? #emptiness 4y
  •   thematn Not much, as far as I have been tasting. :-) 4y
  •   shane82sh I'm sorry to hear that. 4y
  •   thematn I am sure that the dishes of your local cuisine are of much better quality, fresher and healthier than the ones served there. So, why would you pay the same or higher price for crap if you can easily get real food. Or is it hard to find it? 4y
  •   shane82sh Well, it's easily to get any kind of foods here in Malaysian 4y
  •   shane82sh But sometimes I like fast foods too. 4y
  •   thematn OK then. :-) Anyway I find Mc'D to have much better food than BK here in Slovenia. (As well as lower prices.) 4y
  •   kberg I was amazed at some of the shops here in Ljubljana. Had some amazing cuisine tonight at Trnovski... something? Everything was so good. The Jota!!! Mmmmm... And the food here is a great price, I don't know why anyone would spend at BK. 4y
  •   thematn Thank you, @kberg, I fully agree with you. There's only one BK in Ljubljana and quite empty. I wonder if it can make it for another year. On the other hand, McD is doing quite well here. Anyway, real food rules. :-) 4y

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