•   living_the_life_of_riley I knew all those things hehe , oooow yes 29 next yrs a big yr jay hahaha 3y
  •   jcadiram I know, @living_the_life_of_riley ! I'll be turning 29 next year (too)!!! 3y
  •   jcadiram @silviorc shes awesome, isn't she. I love her new album, although its quite different to her previous stuff. 3y
  •   silviorc There s no better voice than hers 3y
  •   kbm_sterdam Hahah do i just continue the same questions? 3y
  •   jcadiram @kbm_sterdam nah you just say what you want 3y
  •   ceasarbear 29!! HI JAY!! We are having a great time in our final week and in Phuket. Done heaps of shopping and just finished up breakfast ready to go to the beach for morning cocktails. I hope work is good :) 3y
  •   jcadiram @ceasarbear have a blast! Hi to David too... Looking forward to pics! 3y

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