ri_sol Lilac.... One of my favorite flowers.. 3y
  •   ri_sol @sakuragari and happy mothers day to your mother!! Is she lives far from you? 3y
  •   sakuragari Don't mind!!! Thanks so much for just your replying to my comment Have a break and take care enough I'd like to say again "Don't mind. And take care"!!! 3y
  •   sakuragari Yes, my mom lives in Fukuoka city, far from Kyoto. It takes about 4 hours by an express to go there. But I call her sometimes. So, no problem 3y
  •   sakuragari Tonight, sleep well with your sweet boy It's 0:00 midnight in Japan. So I 'm going to bed Goodnight 3y
  •   ri_sol @sakuragari goodnight, Nobu... I will write to you tomorrow 3y
  •   ri_sol @sakuragari oh.. 4hours in express .. Hm.. Something like a 700-800 km? For Russia this is not very far))) 3y
  •   ri_sol And you you have to ask me this photo for to send to your mother because I can send it on your mail for example))) 3y

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