mandyalyssa Old picture of my right leg after my first surgery! Ankle and fibula repair. 4y
  •   rainelorraine Do you have a huge scar? Did u find a good scar remedy ? 4y
  •   mandyalyssa @rainelorraine - This scar is actually pretty much gone now. I have 13 altogether and the others are a lot worse. Vitamin E soft gel pills, crack the pill open and rub the gel into the scar, it's a dream. Works better than I ever imagined! 4y
  •   rainelorraine I have two intense scars so I really wanna try this 4y
  •   mandyalyssa @rainelorraine - It works great! You really have to work the gel into the scar. Pressing hard into it. My physical therapist is the one that recommended it! 4y
  •   kraegirl Ouch girlie :/ 4y
  •   peepthasweets I just had surgery on my ankle and it was my first surgery 4y
  •   mandyalyssa @peepthasweets - Yikes! It's no fun. 4y
  •   marcjar Ouch @mandyalyssa! 4y

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