littleboylinus Rough day for this dude. Itchy paws, itchy ears, and a choked on my bone and puked.... Pukes a lot. Mom took all my bones away :-( 3y
  •   guineagrove Get well soon little guy! 3y
  •   donnabailes_floydthefrenchie Ah little man, i hope your allergies clear up soon! 3y
  •   chezney @littleboylinus Hugo's allergies are bad today too. I'm going to bath him in a medical shampoo from the vet & see if it helps. Poor puppies! x 3y
  •   brie81 Chance has crazy allergies nonstop and we've tried tons of vets and two dermatologists and no one can figure it out. So frustrating! 3y
  •   batonback Awe poor Linus! :( 3y
  •   j_rides Have you tried him on a limited ingredient diet? It has helped Tonka's paws and skin! Good luck! Poor baby! 3y
  •   littleboylinus @shirah he eats royal canin. We've been discussing a switch but tampering with his food makes me nervous. Anything he's ever had (aside from RC) makes him puke. 3y
  •   j_rides What a bummer...helping one issue causes another! Poor little Linus! Good luck! 3y

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