aruifly 半月前经过汶川,房屋新建,举国之力颇有成效。但山上仍是地震当年那般洪荒,流石一带带到山沟。想想4年前的我们当初的恐慌,灾后参与救援和维持治安秩序。点滴都还清晰如旧,4年时间很快,转瞬即逝;4年又太漫长,这里面我们经历很多的失落和迷茫。今朝各西东,望旧知旧友安好!健康、平安、快乐。纪念5.12汶川地震 4y
  •   aruifly Today is May 12 2012,China Wenchuan earthquake Bfter a8.0 magnitude earthquake rocked in Wenchuan county of Sichuan province on the very day that is on May 12 2008,
    We passed through here half a month ago, Best wishes... 4y

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