mariosandri Machu Picchu 3y
  •   mariosandri @kikkaterra tanto Perù!!! Notte insonne!!! 3y
  •   gaia5 Wow, fantastico! 3y
  •   mariosandri @lilly_derway Perù is one of the best country never i seen. It is magic and full of folklore and monuments! Go immediately it is changingif!! Dont loose Arequipa, Natzca, islas Ballestras, Macho Piccu and over all Cuzco. If i shall find now, i will publish a foto of Cuzco. I remember that in Cuzco is impossible to walk and talk.It is at 3800m above sea level!! But great, really great!!! Ciaoooo 3y
  •   alessandro1953 bellissima galleria, bellissimi viaggi! :) 3y

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