•   s0lecali @jordancepps I know right? That fool is a DISGRACE to the sneaker community -_- 3y
  •   s0lecali @mandalou_who thanks [= I rock mine like they're beaters but I love em! 3y
  •   its_me_ski Yeah I got my low 11s on and am working in em 3y
  •   freshhooligan Yeaaa 3y
  •   gerlissacupcake @s0lecali me too... My beater pair are beat to shit but I love em!! 2y
  •   s0lecali @gerlissacupcake haha, I can't get enough of the space jams! I need to have an up to date picture because I copped a couple of more pairs 2y
  •   gerlissacupcake Lucky you!! I can't find my size again but I still have a pair in storage so I'll have to suffice with just 2 pair lol 2y
  •   s0lecali @gerlissacupcake yeah, it's pretty hard to find shoes in my size nowadays, everyone is trying to get a pair of jordans. Smh, I'll just stick to my gems but good luck to you on finding another pair! There's plenty out there 2y

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