mojowater The Hobart Building - and it's reflection, San Francisco, California 4y
  •   mamatiph That's awesome! @coloradojulie Julie told me that @gf_usa will be sponsoring an instameet in SF! I'd love to go but college tuition for three will probably make that impossible! Maybe you'll get to participate! Have you applied to Gang Fam yet? I think you'd make a great fit! 4y
  •   coloradojulie Lol. Don't know if the meet is a go yet. Will announce when we know for sure @mamatiph 4y
  •   mamatiph @coloradojulie Ooooops! Sorry dear! Take away my ! my! 4y
  •   mojowater @mamatiph I did apply to GF a couple of months ago. I haven't heard anything but I know they are inundated with applications. As for a meetup, don't worry @coloradojulie my lips are sealed. If invited, I would probably attend if my schedule permits. I used to live in SF (back in the 70's). I look for any excuse to meet iGers and/or go to SF. 4y
  •   mamatiph It took months for mine, too. Don't worry, you're a in! 4y
  •   mojowater @mamatiph I hope so Tiphanie. I don't count my until they hatch. 4y
  •   matiyoung You have a wonderful gallery 4y

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