•   finallyneilishere @hope_611 get yourself there hope its an amazing town and the ultimate street that's just the roundabout (turning circle) 4y
  •   hope_611 Were you driving the roundabout while taking this picture?? we only have one of those in this area and it's quite scary to maneuver! 4y
  •   finallyneilishere @hope_611 no there was too much wine to be driving you get used to them 4y
  •   hope_611 The people here look like they have had too much wine when they drive around that thing!! 4y
  •   finallyneilishere @hope_611 lol there a happy bunch 4y
  •   hope_611 Ha! No...horns honking, people run off the road....etc, etc. lol 4y
  •   allysonatrandom Cheers! Raise a glass for me. 4y
  •   stavroz8 Cool ! Been there,like you.. 3y

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