patilarga Berlin, Germany. 3y
  •   patilarga @tirano_gf pues te va a encantar! Hay mil cosas que ver y que hacer! Buen viaje! Ya me diras a la vuelta! 3y
  •   patilarga @camedownfromcincinnati thank you so much Johnny!!! 3y
  •   cerberi This reminds me a lot of one of Ken Rockwell's photo's, beautifully done  3y
  •   patilarga @cerberi I'm afraid I don't know who Ken Rockwell is sorry... is he very famous? 3y
  •   cerberi Google him, he's one of the best known and trusted photographers around :D 3y
  •   patilarga @cerberi I'll google him tomorrow... I'm in bed now... :) 3y
  •   cerberi I'm also off to bed, got a very long day planned for tomorrow, night night 3y
  •   patilarga @cerberi okay then! Good night! Lookin forward to your photos! 3y

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