mikekickz_irie_cakes 7 hours and 9 minute till I get to go to sleep. Only been at work for 21 minutes and fell asleep 3 times. Fml 4y
  •   michelleekim Have you tried those caffeine shots at 7/11? Some of the 7/11's have it. That shit is crayyyyy! 4y
  •   mikekickz_irie_cakes @michelleekim yeah the ones in the black container? I can't mess with those. Heart races. But you coming to kaylanis bday tomorrow. 4y
  •   michelleekim Oh those things made me bounce off the walls! I limit myself just to 1, when I really need it. I don't think I'll be able to make it to Kaylani's tomorrow. My sister is coming home and I want to spent some time with her. Maybe I can drop by in passing just to say hello! I can't believe how fast your kids are growing! 4y
  •   mikekickz_irie_cakes @michelleekim yea no worries. I know, that's means I'm getting old 4y

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