sunisajett Ready... In #vickteerut  @vickteerutshop 4y
  •   vicjah Amen sista @wisteriyah ... @izzle238 I can be sure as hell that u have nothing better to's such a shame what u put yrsf through.. U talk abt her and yet she doesn't give a f-ck abt u.. So Dnt even speak!!! Ya Nasty..p-ssy ass Haters!! 4y
  •   wisteriyah @vicjah4y
  •   luvlk Don't mind the little boy.. He doesn't have an eye to see such beauty! He's young and ignorant. 4y
  •   rada_anyarin Love your style:) 4y
  •   noycorral Lil kids now a days have no manners or my girl @vicjah said, she doesn't even know u exist!!! Buh bye lil BOY pssshhhh SMH 4y
  •   sunisajett @vicjah whoaa!! What happened?? Lol 4y
  •   vicjah Aowww who deleted that bad mouth kid wa!? 4y
  •   ssoeung23 @sunisajett , Your so so so so beautiful !!!! 4y

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