•   akiremae Lol I wouldn't be able to afford it! 2y
  •   clydosaur Sick frame man.... Was about to get the same but in black but I bought the mash frame instead... 2y
  •   benzosf Italian track is sweet. 2y
  •   marctana @benzosf it's not a real Italian track! They make this frame in hong kong. I have a real Italian track in the works. 2y
  •   marctana @clydosaur this color was easily the most eye catching. I love this frame. Geo is good too! 2y
  •   zurreal I need a better bike!! Lol my lil rust bucket is almost shameful :) love that you take pics while biking, too!! 2y
  •   marctana @zurreal thanks! Your bike has character! ;) it shows that you enjoy riding it! Instead of just taking pics of it in your garage! ;p 2y
  •   zurreal I'm totally gonna use that excuse :) lol 2y

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