•   jonphelps @prncsslyssa Tell me about it! Switzerland is full of scenes like this and even better! You should go! 3y
  •   jonphelps @eilidhbee Thanks! Awesome! So Jealous! I miss my family there and everything! What cities are you going to!?!? work? Or school? Or Holiday Fun!?!? :) 3y
  •   eilidhbee @jonphelps I'm going to Zurich, I've got friends living there :) and just for holiday fun :) 3y
  •   jonphelps @eilidhbee Yeah! Zurich is where my family is and where I always stay! Such a beautiful and fun city! You are going to have a blast!!! Bring me back some chocolates! 3y
  •   eilidhbee Oh cool :D really looking forward to it now! Haha sure thing ;D haha 3y
  •   seymaunchained You have a lot of cool photos! I like this one! 3y
  •   jonphelps @seeeymaaa Tack så Mycket!!! 3y

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