ak_photography_ If you're not sweatin you're not doin it right. I better be sore tomorrow, bc if I'm not I'm seriously under estimating my strength. 3y
  •   ms.courtney.e I think you're underestimating yourself still!! 3y
  •   ak_photography_ Lol I'm not trying to reach complete exhaustion like I can w my arms. I need my legs more lol. We'll see I upped it WAY more than last time and last time the inside of my legs were sore. 3y
  •   ms.courtney.e Good!! text me tomorrow and let me know how you feel! Hehehe. 3y
  •   ak_photography_ @mrs_stillman so I can still climb the stairs......wth before when I would workout I never put out like this....my left calf is crazy tight. Doms usually sets in on the 2nd day for me so we'll see 3y
  •   ms.courtney.e On your leg press, what do you throw on? A 45 on each side? I seriously think you can do WAY more! everyone I know is always surprised at how much more they can do! 3y
  •   ak_photography_ @mrs_stillman yeah. It's the squats that kill me. I think I can do more but it hurts my hammy on the left side. 3y
  •   ms.courtney.e Hmmm....we need to workout together on a leg day! 3y

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