tyty_raposa fade to a "brohawk" #swag #beavers #tracklife #bro 3y
  •   mattairola Soooo damn sexy!!! 3y
  •   heatherpony95020 <3 I love itttt !!!! :) 3y
  •   ji_gruver Tyler is going to go H.A.K. tomorrow YOLO! 3y
  •   mattairola Han! Screw Kota :p 3y
  •   mrsraposa As long as there's no mullet..! Hahaha 3y
  •   tyty_raposa don't hate on mullets! 3y
  •   ji_gruver I want to be on you. For what you did with your hair and your epic race today we have mad loving respect for the confidence you have shown i lov you bro! 3y
  •   tyty_raposa i love you too bro!! 3y

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