jpcaruso Precisava? 3y
  •   jpcaruso @aleiob Muito obrigado! levei bronquinha do segurança, mas ta valendo haha 3y
  •   pascale_g_l You are an amazing photographer!! Woww never stop clicking that shutter, seriously! 2y
  •   jpcaruso Thank you so much @pascale_g_l don't think I can stop now haha instagram is addicting but I appreciate your encouragement, especially cause I'm not a photographer 2y
  •   pascale_g_l Yes it is quite addicting indeed!! Haha. With pictures like these, you're definitely what I call a photographer. Just not pro... Yet 2y
  •   drebrownville Hahahaha "pro" I saw an amateur charge 15k and the next day I saw a "pro" charge 150 dollars. Lmfao. Art is respected by the appreciators. 2y
  •   borges56 Fantástica 2y
  •   victor.hanna 2y

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