littlerose81 Sleep is for the weak. 3y
  •   vickyh1 Ah... A's night feed is anytime between 2 & 5.30...  3y
  •   littlerose81 @vickyh1 Men eh?!  3y
  •   lauren2607 We're still on a 3am 3y
  •   lauren2607 ...bottle 3y
  •   littlerose81 @lauren2607 Aww you too? We're normally a feed at 5 but he likes to keep me on my toes  3y
  •   lauren2607 this too shall pass @littlerose81 3y
  •   littlerose81 @lauren2607 Our time will come! A lot of my friends don't have children yet... Hopefully I'll be snoozing soundly by the time that they are having their sleepless nights  3y
  •   lauren2607 @littlerose81 revenge is sweet! Although I have a friend whose bub is the same age as Lexi and has slept thru since she was a month ! One day we will miss these early morning feeds, so let's enjoy them as best we can Have a super day xxx 3y

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