taylorswift "Going back to Nashville, thinking about the whole thing. Guess you gotta run sometimes" 2y
  •   love._.tumblr Aunt lives In Nashville and has been to 1 of your concerts @taylorswift 2w
  •   starlight__swift1313 I swear taylor the cover you did of this song is the most amazing thing in the world!!! I've listened to it about more than infinity times. I wish it was on iTunes!!! Now excuse me... Im going to go listen to it! 2w
  •   cat_thehollybeatle I live in Nashville! 2w
  •   nour_zaouk NASHVILLE UR COVER >>>>>> 1w
  •   sweetayngodgraces The fact is that i just heard your version of the song (not for the first time, you know) and im still crying, not gonna lie. 7d
  •   alexrush19 So glad you did this cover it was the best EVER Like EVER 7d
  •   amanda._.bubbles I live in Nashville! Love u Taylor 4d
  •   swiftwhy Maybe I'm a fast train 2d

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