rockykoz Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly..... ~Lanston Hughes 4y
  •   rockykoz @limefizz the quote is something my 17 year old showed me....she's an amazing young soul....I did cheat a little here with lenslight! HA! and your 3rd line made my day!! 4y
  •   limefizz 1. Tell Alyssa I'm impressed with that quote no end! 2. It's not cheating, it's enhancing! 3. Very happy it made your day, it's totally true 4y
  •   rockykoz @limefizz I will tell her! That will make her smile!! I talk of you all the time to her and show her your adorable children! 4y
  •   taradawnphotography This is perfect. I love the words here so much, especially now, great to hear today! 4y
  •   rockykoz @photolovergirl_ru so glad the words touched you! Thanks beautiful!! 4y
  •   crose6584 Awesome negative space shot!!! 3y
  •   rockykoz @crose6584 I just want you to know reading all your comments was so fun!! Thank you for each one!! 3y
  •   crose6584 @rockykoz my pleasure! :) 3y

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