elizabethsutton #play #gansevoort #cuddle #love #puppy #havanese #007 #jamesbond #dog I know I'm bombarding Insta with pictures of my pup but he's just so cute I can't take it. Green eyes!!! 4y
  •   martinluther Gorgeous Liz!! 4y
  •   thatnickguy Where did you get him? We are looking for a playmate for our Havanese. 4y
  •   elizabethsutton @thatnickguy I got him from a breeder in Alabama. Her name is Crystal, she is lovely. Google Ansley Hill Hybrids - her prices are extremely reasonable. Phone # (334) 566-3438. 4y
  •   thatnickguy Thanks! 4y
  •   liladj How did u get in touch with this number it said its out of reach 4y
  •   elizabethsutton @liladj Try again I just spoke to her (334) 566-3438, she has one more havamalt from the same litter but she also has a brand new litter, very reasonable prices 4y
  •   liladj Ohhh i jyst gt her message machine! I want ur dog so badly!!! 4y

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