drummaboipk29 #lifetimefitness 100th Club! This place is like No other, come visit us off Roswell Rd. 4y
  •   white_only_pies how much for membership 4y
  •   drummaboipk29 @evanhardy we kinda taxin homie..this is a Diamond club! So maybe like $120 or so I think. 3 bars that serve bar&wine, spa salon inside, in men's bathroom ur provided with unlimited towels, razors, mouthwash, bodywash, shampoo..whole 9 here homie 4y
  •   white_only_pies uhhh...im the million dollar man..lol 4y
  •   drummaboipk29 @evanhardy Right. What's was I thinking. I forgot!!lol 4y
  •   kam_miy That's really upscale for a gym...nice!!! 4y
  •   drummaboipk29 @kam_mi Thanks:) 4y

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