gabehoupt27 My favorite Jay Z album, and personally I think its his best! #jayz #hiphop #oldschool 3y
  •   ummsteve I've grown an appreciation for Jay Z over the years. Not just his music but his business side too. 3y
  •   ummsteve @gabehoupt27 Good story....... ^ 3y
  •   gabehoupt27 Yeah I said something the first time but all it sent was your name. But what I said was I have a lot of respect and appreciation for jay z too. His first two albums are really good, He's got a bunch of good songs off his other albums too @ummsteve 3y
  •   gabehoupt27 Especially as a businessman, he makes really smart decisions 3y
  •   harle2cl You should read his book, it's really interesting and has some sweet art in it also. 3y

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