•   richoz 4y
  •   atomcapsule Nice #mj2l 4y
  •   toneschaser @stjer Thanks! Is this a MJ2? Never seen a bridge like this on one. 4y
  •   atomcapsule @toneschaser yeah, I have the one with the 4-on-2 headstock and it has the other bridge trem system, but pretty sure that's a '60s MJ2L. 4y
  •   toneschaser @stjer Cool! This isn't a trem bridge, it's a weird wrap trapeze kind of deal. It wails! 4y
  •   toneschaser @mikeyslime Guitar gear, dogs (4), skateboards...... 4y
  •   atomcapsule @toneschaser weird! Mine's got a simple spring trem/tailpiece mechanism in a really deep ash-tray type housing that has a hole in the center for the trem bar. Weirdest fuckin thing, but super cool. 4y
  •   fuzzrighteous Nice! 4y

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