•   animalghosts Yes!! 4y
  •   brinnontides @artofoto @epiclylaterd Bravo! Arto! you got a good head on your shoulders. I grew up watching your skating (FEEDBACK) and Geoffs right, your style is just inspirational! They don't teach that in school. Awesome job O'Dell can't wait for pt.2! 4y
  •   rphilipps Ok sick, I'm on it! Menikmati still 4y
  •   dellema Their taking out full page ads for your show now? Ballin! 4y
  •   artofoto @ttoiminen sorry,I had steal one of your lines. 4y
  •   hiepb Just got done watching the first part and I must say shit was awesome!! Arto was one of favorite pros back in the day. 4y
  •   ttoiminen No problems @artofoto . I liked your episode 4y
  •   moulyalx Haha wicked mate @epiclylaterd @artofoto , looking forward to seeing the rest of them 4y

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