_leanna_k Having Brett's baby towed back home! 3y
  •   _leanna_k @darrenisreal lol...it's ok, ended up its just a torn radiator hose Joe can replace tomorrow. And our auto insurance pays for the tow. I know what my 'like'rs mean. 3y
  •   alienlifeform Broken car= 3y
  •   cavazbe What happened? 3y
  •   _leanna_k @alienlifeform lol...agreed 3y
  •   _leanna_k @cavazbe His car over heated due to a busted radiator hose. Luckily that was only $14 and my hubby had it switched out within 10 min. We just had to have it towed home because he was about 20 miles away. 3y
  •   cavazbe @leanna_keathley well, that's good. Glad it was minor. 3y
  •   bertb What filter/app did you use on this? 3y
  •   _leanna_k @bertb Hey Bert!! I used Camera+, clarify & HDR 3y

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