joninhoo Faker|ER|Mental 4y
  •   _britsnaps_ Oh man! What's happening?! 4y
  •   joninhoo @britcjav He may have a kidney stone. He'll be fine. He's faking it in this photo. He's hilarious. 4y
  •   micks360 Kidney stones are terrible. I hope I never get them again. Hope he feels better soon. 4y
  •   joninhoo Thanks man. Sorry to hear you ha them. My dad seems to be okay for now. 4y
  •   timaay1 Miiiiiingo! 4y
  •   derekski Lol I need to meet your dad 4y
  •   _britsnaps_ I'm certainly glad that is a fake face! Poor man, I hope everything comes out alright 4y

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