•   asche.cody.25 @sasha.ross reed the bible not to be mean 6d
  •   danackeret So then don't let the IRS target conservative groups to be audited. Because we're all equal, right? 6d
  •   g.marie.g amen! couldn't of said it better @danackeret hypocrites are all they are #equalityright? 5d
  •   danackeret Honestly, @g.marie.g , I try not to use social networks as political forums, but this time I couldn't resist. That said, TO ALL MY FELLOW-CONSERVATIVES, INSTEAD OF ONLY SPEAKING OUT ON INSTAGRAM ABOUT YOUR POLITICAL BELIEFS, GET OFF THE COUCH AND VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR STATE'S POLITICAL LEADERS! GOD BLESS AMERICA. 5d
  •   film_legend I agree @danackeret 4d
  •   film_legend I am actually making calls to make sure conservatives like Scott brown get into office , and I'm 13! 4d
  •   new_skool49 Mhcwee 4d

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