•   da_jacob73 You sould be empeached @barackobama 2d
  •   da_jacob73 Read the bible you fucking hippie @barackobama 2d
  •   sasha.ross You need to stop and get off of his page. You do not need to say anything like this. You are missing the whole entire picture. Do not judge somebody if they believe something is right and you disagree with it. Just please stop with a good manner. @da_jacob73 1d
  •   sasha.ross Please stop. People should not be judged on whom they love. There are people who are fighting for our country that are gay. Once you take a walk in their shoes then say what you think about others. @kitimwold9 1d
  •   asche.cody.25 @sasha.ross reed the bible not to be mean 1d
  •   danackeret So then don't let the IRS target conservative groups to be audited. Because we're all equal, right? 1d
  •   g.marie.g amen! couldn't of said it better @danackeret hypocrites are all they are #equalityright? 5h
  •   danackeret Honestly, @g.marie.g , I try not to use social networks as political forums, but this time I couldn't resist. That said, TO ALL MY FELLOW-CONSERVATIVES, INSTEAD OF ONLY SPEAKING OUT ON INSTAGRAM ABOUT YOUR POLITICAL BELIEFS, GET OFF THE COUCH AND VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR STATE'S POLITICAL LEADERS! GOD BLESS AMERICA. 5h

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