•   antonali Обама черный лесбийский пидор 1w
  •   hannahlou1644 So true 1w
  •   paullascalaposeidon Only refers to obama family. 5d
  •   micky_maus13 @antonali современно свободная земля, не стыдно друг к друге. А твоя россия рабы, такое ужасно... Fuck you fuck 17h
  •   antonali @micky_maus13 free world? What do you know about freedom, fucking gay, you fucked your dog in our fucking country- it's great? Obama is fucking nigger, kiss him ass 17h
  •   noah_vassallo fuck you obama kiss my ass and go live with your communist dad in kenya 16h
  •   noah_vassallo Obama is the anti christ and hes taking this world to SHIT DONT LISTIN TO HIS LIES 16h

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