•   furgurburgur @_kalebweirick , if you knew me, you'd know I don't use this word lightly, @ffatma70 is just being a total dick. And I believe the same thing as you on this issue 4d
  •   furgurburgur I was reading comments above, and I like to combine science with my religion (luthran), so here it goes. God put man and woman on this earth because biologically, man and man or woman and woman can't reproduce to keep the species alive, but now that humans are thriving, you can't tell me that there is any reason God wouldn't put 2 more people on the earth, this time man and man, or woman and woman, because the species doesn't need to be helped by God to stay alive anymore 4d
  •   furgurburgur I actually kind of like debating on the comments about important issues, (i don't like that this is an "issue") 4d
  •   reina.de_corazones @furgurburgur Yes but, it's their decision. And besides, there's always adoption for gays and sperm doners for lesbians. But that's just my opinion. 4d
  •   furgurburgur Yea. If I were typing on a computer I would have covered that 4d
  •   heste_teste_21 Or nah 2d
  •   bonnietjz17 @117_th0mas lmfaoooooo you are so right my friend lolololol 1d

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