noh8campaign Barack Obama announces support for marriage equality! 4y
  •   klair.e Really the best president? I don't think you'll be saying that when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax when you become and adult 2y
  •   vincenzo_capo 2 of the worst things, in 1 post. 2y
  •   vincenzo_capo You fucking swine. You skinny, frail, vulnerable little shit. YOU'RE what's wrong with this world. Too many confused mother fuckers not even knowing what gender they are, fucking each other in the ass and shit. And fuck Obama too, dumb ass piece of shit. @gaabstini 2y
  •   mariovazil @saucy_papi shut the fuck up. There is nothing wrong with being diffrent 1y
  •   saintghi Please come to asia...we need you guys fight together for the equal pride. Same sex marriage still taboo in some country in asia, expecially my country, Indonesia. 10mon
  •   ally_quick_ The people who hate apparently don't understand the username of this account. This is to support those who are the same gender and love each other and a place where they aren't supposed to be hated on for who they are for Petes sake 9mon
  •   oliviapalmaa And here is just ONE reason why he's the suckiest President. 4mon
  •   jeriannn_ ^^ preach🏼🏼 @oliviapalmaa 3mon

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