ay0_p I used to be a scholar...now I just look for girls trynna holla...#girls #girls #girls #scholar #holla #gold #TFA. 2y
  •   ay0_p @catfish_rita28 oh! Grandma?! That u? How'd u get on instagram..?? 2y
  •   catfish_rita28 They have a membership thru AARP. Yours is thru the Mickey Mouse Club right? MMC? 2y
  •   ay0_p OMG!!! Nope my membership officially ended last year...I'm a growing child...i know u may not be as easy to remember those times due to your senile conditions..but I am still growing a child. 2y
  •   wuutupb Hello @p4presi! I'm looking for you on instaDM, download it from the AppStore so we can chat! 2y
  •   dopechic_dee_ Hello, Mr. Nice watch 2y
  •   catfish_rita28  2y
  •   ay0_p @wuutupb lol aww man..another app?! 2y

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