floydmayweather Follow my guy @andredirrell 4y
  •   rafinhamsantana Fica com Deus bjs 1y
  •   personaltrainerce My inspiration the god of boxing 1y
  •   c_wiggy @floydmayweather what better way to promote your fight than superbowl weekend.. if you was to announce it next week on first take or another sports tv.. they will talk about all during superbowl week and on superbowl.. you talking about millions and millons of people will be talking about the fight ... im just a huge fan good luck champ.. retire undefeated #muchlove 10mon
  •   husseinfatal00 Dream come tru the winner @floydmayweather 5mon
  •   gq_kve Floyd please dm me I have a watch invention I swear it would make billion dollar investment only if you hear me out I dm you a wild back no response I'm telling you jus dm me and I'll tell you the watch name and you'll will be amazed 3mon
  •   gq_kve It only takes a look to change a lot 3mon

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