atheismscience Jesus is a myth, just like all the others. Matter of fact, much of Christianity was borrowed from these earlier pagan religions. #Atheist #Atheism #jesus #myth #god #christian #muslim #allah #bible #religion #church #prayer 3y
  •   atheismscience @jacodyy I'm not sure which website. A friend sent it to me in text message but I'm sure it's out there. 3y
  •   futuerx its a documentary not an website 3y
  •   alfey89 Oooo thats from the film, "the god who wasent there" great movie. And so true!!! 3y
  •   occamstazer Yes, @matt_the_seal58 , that's right, no one thought of stringing anyone up in a tree until someone in Iraq came up with it. 3y
  •   occamstazer Yeah, right. Except it wasn't. You might actually try reading real scholarly reasearch, instead of some idealogical middle-school punk's blog. But I could be wrong - perhaps you were there. Not actually, of course, but were perhaps on a dig, some archealogical expedition in the region. Maybe you were involved in translating some anchient, forgotten parchment that laid the whole thing out. No? Examined pottery shards, perhaps? Please don't tell me your sole source is a single bronze-age collection of heavily edited anecdotes, or some "scholar" whose sole works have apology and post hoc question begging rationalizations. Pinhead. 3y
  •   futuerx @matt_the_seal58 actually the story of horus was writen and told before jesus and christianity ao shut up ok? deal with it and stop trying 3y
  •   futuerx @matt_the_seal58 u're thinking about christian baptism, not other religions baptism also who gives a shit? jesus story is bullshit and horus is too 3y
  •   futuerx @matt_the_seal58 still a lie, sorry that u need to believe in that story but all religions' stories are obvious lies now move on 3y

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