•   tristwin Awesome photo!! try the hash tag #thecloudchsers3y
  •   rachel_yona @tristwin thank u 3y
  •   rachel_yona @tristwin how can I do it? 3y
  •   tristwin You can add more hashtags as a normal comment, but overall you're only allowed 30 tags, so if you want to change these tags, you will need to delete them by clicking on the comment button and pressing the gear button in the top right... Which allows you to delete previous comments... Warning: you can't edit your current tags but you can delete the whole group which will allow you to add more afterwards hope that's easy to follow... Lol 3y
  •   elad_alush מדהים 3y
  •   rachel_yona @elad_alu תודה רבה 3y

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