jccoccoli Now no one will want to bang me. 3y
  •   hydeordie That's true, i read in Cosmo thy wrist injuries were the number one turn off in men 3y
  •   kc_k_ At least you could still give a hand job... Oh wait.... 3y
  •   jonnyumansky But is the Vespa okay?!? 3y
  •   jccoccoli Not from the Vespa. From typing. I'm a loser, guys!! 3y
  •   beenugs Can't bang yourself neither. That is, if you're a righty. 3y
  •   hordie Gross. We can't hang out until you're fixed. Sorry, I mean spayed. 3y
  •   jccoccoli @hordie the least you could do is 'like' the damn photo. 3y
  •   gho75 Do you have a Vespa JC? Let's ride! 3y

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