heylaurenrene Presenting to you the reason for my absence. On the left we have miserable, teething, non eating and sleeping baby on the right we have clingy, non napping, overly energetic big brother. Any questions? Please send wine! 4y
  •   zellerbecky Oy! It will end. At some point. If that's any consolation ;) 4y
  •   lycia_m Awwwww. Hang in there lovely Mama!!! 4y
  •   rhiiiiiiii Oh no!!! I hope you are keeping your sanity mama! Poor little teething baby... It'll pass. Promise just know they are still quite adorable even in with all the chaos 4y
  •   lorenataylor Aww hope things are going better! 4y
  •   hello.happy.co Wonderful!!! 4y
  •   anjemarie Have you tried the amber teething necklace? I've heard they work like a charm... sorry he is hurting- that's no fun for anyone. 4y
  •   nei.cruz Awh. 4y

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