•   becca_lynn_ptv @kevandersn naw I just wear what ever I mean she's so right. I'm shit. 3y
  •   kevin___anderson No ur not -.- u jst said urself that she was wrong u no ur not any of that 3y
  •   becca_lynn_ptv @kevandersn she makes a good point though. I put on what ever I want. I never do anything with my hair and she never got how I get guys with my style how I wear to dark eye liner n my hair always down n nothing done with it it's just there. Idk I'm tired of her shit. 3y
  •   kevin___anderson That's a good thing. It shows u don't give two shits what other people think about u. And that u r beautiful no matter what u look like:) 3y
  •   becca_lynn_ptv @kevandersn I love you so much 3y
  •   kevin___anderson I love you too:D 3y
  •   becca_lynn_ptv @kevandersn you better love me ;) 3y
  •   kevin___anderson O gawd xD 3y

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