ninavizz Despite the beautiful weather, I'm spending the rest of my day on THIS. I need my office back, and gotta figure-out a re-org so that it never, ever gets this bad again. 4y
  •   rrmutt Posting pictures of your junk again, eh? 4y
  •   rrmutt Srsly, congrats, inspires me to organize my pile… 4y
  •   ninavizz @rrmutt I'm estimating this to be a full year's worth of neglect. It's technically a utility/laundry type room, with the door to my back porch behind me, in the pic. It too easily became "the messy room", and- yeah. So nice to both have back as an office, and the eyesore of a mess next to my kitchen, gone. :) 4y
  •   rrmutt I've been taking shelter behind this Thomas Edison quote: "to be an inventor, you need inspiration–and a big pile of junk!" 4y

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