dreaming_to_dream So fat who eats here? 3y
  •   sweetsaidy Lol everything there is fried in lard 3y
  •   q_noschoolboy So sad...they contribute to heart attacks....i wonder how much bacon they have 3y
  •   k20nick06 I actually eat there on tuesdays.. they got a buy one get one free on the bacon heart attack buger .. (real good) lol 3y
  •   q_noschoolboy Yea im on it hahaha 3y
  •   dreaming_to_dream I really don't know how ppl can eat there they even have a butter shake @sweetsaidy @k20nick06 @beastboywild and 2 people had heart attacks there in the past two weeks smh 3y
  •   sweetsaidy Lol I think they make you sign a waiver 3y
  •   dreaming_to_dream @sweetsaidy r u serious? The food doesn't even look good 3y
  •   sweetsaidy Lol yeah... They had it on the food network channel 3y

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