beccabossb #disneymayphotoaday day 8 favorite Disney song "You and me together" I would sing this song all day every day when I was a kid 4y
  •   spookiejulie Oh I live tho 4y
  •   spookiejulie Oh I love this song too!!! 4y
  •   beccabossb @spookylittlemama it makes me a lil teary eye when I listen to it now 4y
  •   spookiejulie I know I get all sentimental when I hear it and watch the movie! 4y
  •   beccabossb @spookylittlemama I named my first dog after Oliver I miss him to death so when I hear or see the movie I too get sentimental 4y
  •   babycakesdgaf @rebecca_e_m one of my fave movies with my brothers! I would always tell people about this movie and no one knew about it! It wasnt too popular lol, but thats where me and my brothers started loving cats to the max! 4y
  •   beccabossb @anacalidgaf I know your right it isn't that popular but it's such a good movie 4y

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