frannyblvd A little late, but I wanted to post a pic of our hike at Mt. Tam. Lots of bridges, crashing creeks, trickling waterfalls, blue dragon flies, redwood trees, and the view of the ocean. Highly recommended and it's mostly shaded. #nature 3y
  •   rgdr_ Best waterfall ever 3y
  •   frannyblvd Hahahahah @regidor!! Next up: Waka Flocka Trail. 3y
  •   jennsi Diggin it! 3y
  •   khoala Best trails to mtn bike over there! 3y
  •   mr_maniacal You guys always take cool hikes. 3y
  •   aimeeeeah @frannyblvd so I was feeling "spontaneous" if you will, we parked right off of panoramic highway cus there's an entrance to the Sierra trail going down hill first then to the Ben Johnson trail which cuts through muirwoods, dipsea up to stapelveldt, alphine then across troop 80 to bring me back towards the top of Sierra. It was rough going downhill first then uphill the rest of the way. Super long hike but great workout! 3y
  •   frannyblvd Omg, @aimeeeeah! I know the feeling. I did that once. It really does suck going uphill as your last stretch. You're a trooper... Even if that's the only choice. Lol. Maybe I wont do THAT route! 3y
  •   aimeeeeah @frannyblvd it's great for the challenge but man... That was my first time back to hiking in a while and I was trying to break in new boots. Not smart on my end :P I wanna try the hikes further up the mountain on the other side of the highway. They seem pretty challenging :) happy trails love! 3y

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