•   silverscreen Great pic! Greetings to Germany!! 4y
  •   terryssha Aw, hopefully the new one exceeds all expectations! 4y
  •   mary.doll Yay! I wanted to come with you to Berlin and here we are! 4y
  •   floflower @terryssha ...the new one must be amazing...equipped for large volume of traffic, but you know, sometimes small things are cuter, and this airport is very cute ... 4y
  •   floflower @marydoll12 ... here we are darling!! Get ready now for Paris tomorrow ... 4y
  •   mxgxpx Great 4y
  •   floflower @mxgxpx ...glad you like it darling 4y
  •   terryssha I know! One of the cute ones are Milan's Malpensa and Blagnac in Toulouse I think, those two were very homey in a way.. 4y

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