pllphotos Guys, what's happening with the Instagram? Only here he's a shit? 4y
  •   pllboys O meu ta assiim tb 4y
  •   anitarognvalds Its on the iphone to.. Couldnt refresh feed all day 4y
  •   stavib it's in my iPod too.. I thought it was the internet in my place! Oh I hate that facebook changing IG :( 4y
  •   natalie.ariella I no it sucks. @stavib 4y
  •   thehannaexpress I had that problem a few days last week, it has gotten back to how it used to be. How long has this been going on? 4y
  •   huanjia Rilakkuma :D so cute 4y
  •   sceneaddiction Mine still a Shit! 4y
  •   katykathi Sie hat die gleiche Handyhülle wie du, nur in einer andern Farbe :D @marcella_meyer 1y

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