vanswarpedtour We are video chatting live with @Lostprophets tonight on Stickam! 5pm ET 2 pm PT. 3y
  •   xxcreepsterxx @svnyrsbtwn i said the same thing i feel so jipped lol bay area loves us some L.p 3y
  •   jordanlmontoya All you fucking young ass kids who don't think they are a good band: they are better than a lot of fucking shit music these days. 3y
  •   amberlynnerz I remember when last train home came out! Still such a damn good song 3y
  •   svnyrsbtwn @dollyvicious seriously. I mean, I know the younger crowd doesn't know who they are, but ahhh. C'mon! 3y
  •   achamin_jp Cool! 3y
  •   almahhhh I can't believe my friends never heard anything by the Lostprophets. Amazing! Your vertical leap is beyond our reach. 3y
  •   xaxguitarx They should add a day and play the July 7th show :'( 3y
  •   seidimeow Why aren't they on the whole tour )))): I was only going to go for them. Not going anymore /: 3y

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