beeisforbeeauty Thank baby Jesus at least my true subscribers understand me and what I point I was making ... This is just one of a few positive comments I got, to anyone who understood and stuck up for me thank you & I love you xo I'm glad we are on the same page haha #bigboobproblems #youtube 4y
  •   beeisforbeeauty If you watched the video and read some of the people's comments you'll understand this ... 4y
  •   candyslooks I have that problem too but it's my bust I don't know why pol are rude about it you weren't even being rude or offensive you were jus stating that the bust may change the size you wear :p dumb ppl 4y
  •   beeisforbeeauty Exactly !!! Haha see !!! I'm glad there are people like you who understood that was the point I was making ... And didnt twist my words around to make something i say into something it isnt ! Thank you !!! 4y
  •   marissajewel It really blows my mind how people can be soo rude to youtubers!! You guys basically throw yourselves out there for people who actually enjoy watching your videos, and then all these assholes come out of no where and ruin it for everyone. You're so strong and amazing, never stop making videos! And never let a nerd with a stupid username/no videos/and with no picture, bring you down 4y
  •   beeisforbeeauty You are so right - thank you I can't tell you enough how much it means to me when people like yourself take a moment to be so kind and support me. I'm glad people like yourself understand it's hard but how much we love it and how much we love you guys that's why we do what we do. 4y
  •   emilynoel83 U are awesome! Sometimes people will just look for any small chance to be negative- keep being you!! :) 4y
  •   ness329 people are so ridiculous. your point was clear as day. keep doing what you do best. xo. 4y
  •   shaunakisses @beeisforbeeauty least ur lucky to have big boobs id Kill for boobs,, there just jelous girls who wants ur boobs don't worry hahaha :) 4y

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