vanswarpedtour Support @VansWarpedTour vet Juliet Simms on The Voice tonight. Vote now - 1-855-864-2302 4y
  •   xkaaays @lainababy_ must also suck being a 24 year old "grown" woman arguing on instagram :) if only you knew how to act your age, bummer. 4y
  •   mccornbread Lol @ the people who are getting mad at people who don't like her. You're just as bad you know. They're sharing their opinions just as you are. so don't get all pissy because someone doesn't agree with you. 4y
  •   aaftonn Personally, I think Juliet Simms is a great singer and I loved Automatic Loveletter, but I don't think she should be on The Voice. She already had her chance. 4y
  •   soimfrances @hailyssabear why wouldn't u not expect people to get mad at u I mean this is a post to support her and u just said she is bad what were u expecting 4y
  •   alyssaziobro @frances71198 But the point is that I'm entitled to my opinion just like everyone else here is, regardless if this post is supporting her or not. People getting angry over my opinion is quite frankly very stupid, especially seeing as I didn't verbally attack anyone while stating it. All I said was that I don't like her. Simple as that. No need for everyone to get their granny panties all in a knot because I dislike someone. 4y
  •   alyssaziobro @frances71198 And please, tell me exactly where I said she was bad. Don't put words in my mouth. 4y
  •   bvb_kali11 SHE CAmE IN 2ND >.> 4y
  •   amberhenderson08 @ksaays You are a trollin mothafucka ;) Keep up the good work! 4y

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