elmooose Even their medium is Hella spicy! My lips are burning! 4y
  •   bel_skee Lol yup I can't even take it. 4y
  •   elmooose @bel_skee haha yea I like this better than Boiling Crab. No line! 4y
  •   bel_skee You should try the rockin crawfish in Oakland. But the Cajun fries here beats any other spot I've been to. 4y
  •   elmooose Nice I will! @bel_skee 4y
  •   brulesrules Bringo!! 4y
  •   brulesrules Drumpsters are a good place to keep crabs frAAAshe. 4y
  •   elmooose @brulesrules dude it felt like Hippy Joel gave me some of his medicine after!!  4y

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